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Idra's Riccardo Ferrario Awarded Automotive News' 2023 All Star Supplier for Innovation

Riccardo Ferrario is the CEO of Idra, an Italian company that produces high-pressure die casting machines. He is also the person who coined the term “mega castings” to describe the large-scale production of complex parts using his company’s technology. Tesla is one of Idra’s customers, and it uses Idra’s machines to make some of its Model Y components, such as the rear underbody. Ferrario and Tesla have a partnership that aims to change the car manufacturing industry forever.

Recently, Ferrario has received numerous automotive awards for his contribution to the car manufacturing industry; including to be named as a 2023 All-Star Supplier for Innovation by Automotive News magazine (full announcement found here) and that as Automotive Engineer of the Year by the International Automotive Engineering Association (IAEA) in 2023. 

These awards recognize his innovative and visionary leadership in developing and implementing Idra’s technology for mega castings. 

He has also been praised not only for his collaboration with Tesla, but with other car manufacturers to improve the quality, efficiency, and sustainability of vehicle production. Ferrario is widely regarded as one of the most influential and successful automotive engineers in the world.

Idra is a member of Italy's leading trade association for the foundry supplier industry, AMAFOND.