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Machines Italia Backs Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey 2021
The Manufacturers’ Outlook is a yearly survey of the Canadian manufacturing industry conducted by Plant magazine (Annex Business Media) and various business partners.  Almost 500 respondents – manufacturing industry executives participate in the survey by responding to a questionnaire.  The replies are then analyzed and summarized in a report, which is reviewed and discussed by a panel of experts and industry media. The report and the panelists’ insights are then made public and circulated through Plant magazine and the other Annex Business Media outlets.    Machines Italia was among the very first supporters of the Manufacturers Outlook in 2009 and it will continue its partnership for the 2021 edition of the survey.

To read the last edition of the survey click here.For further information on the initiative, please contact toronto [at] ?subject=Machines%20Italia%20-%20Newsletter">toronto [at]