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MAPEI Canada Honored At Hardsurface Awards 2023 - TTMAC
MAPEI Canada received awards in three categories at the 2023 Hardsurface Awards of the Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC), Canada's leading trade association, including the top honor: Project Of The Year. The winning Project Of The Year award was the renovation of the lobby floor of the Fantasyland Hotel inside the West Edmonton Mall in Edmonton, Alberta, which also won in the Manufactured Tile and Slabs category. Another MAPEI project, the renovation of the subsurface of historic Union Station in downtown Toronto, Ontario, was awarded in the Application Of Technical Products category.

The renovation of the lobby floor of the Fantasyland Hotel involved upgrading the grit tile floor (terrazzo) with large-format, precision-laminated marble composite tiles. MAPEI advised on surface preparation and installation products, using Keraflex Super mortar for tile installation. The unique shapes and sizes of the tiles required careful planning, and MAPEI products facilitated installation.

The renovation of the Union Station underground used Quebec flamed granite stone tiles for the new floor, which before the project was described as a dark and dingy underground cavern. MAPEI's Ultralite S2 polymer mortar designed with Easy Glide technology was used to lay the massive stone slabs, making the work efficient and precise.

The awards won by MAPEI in Canada crown nearly 50 years of activity by the Italian group in the country. MAPEI's history in Canada began in the late 1970s with major supplies for the Montreal Olympic Games. Now MAPEI Canada boasts four manufacturing plants in Quebec, Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia and an extensive dealer network.

Source: Terrazzo Tile & Marble Association of Canada (TTMAC)