# 6 Summer 2019

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Dear Readers,

Last May, Machines Italia took part in the Collision conference which for the first time ever was held in Canada (Toronto). 
The conference did not disappoint the expectations: thousands of delegates, hundreds of speakers, a number of large global players in the information and telecommunication  industry attended. The decision to move the conference to Toronto is a further sign that the city has become a major tech force in the world. Home to the fourth largest tech ecosystem in North America, Toronto will have more tech jobs than Silicon Valley within two years based on its growth rate. Hosting a conference like Collision, called by some “the Olympics of tech”, is a major opportunity to expose Toronto as a major tech hub to a global audience.
 16 high tech companies, mostly startups and more than 20 delegates were part of the Italian contingent at the event. The reason for Machines Italia to attend Collision is pretty obvious;  with the spreading industry 4.0 or Smart Manufacturing, advanced ICT and more “traditional” manufacturing technologies are increasingly converging.

Machines Italia has always supported technology in all its forms and  particularly where or when the manufacturing of goods are involved. 

For decades manufacturing machines have relied on sophisticated software to control their functioning. The interaction between machines and desktop computers through CAD/CAM programs and similar tools has long been used in design, engineering and production settings in North America, Europe and elsewhere.  Remote diagnostic and monitoring tools were employed by Italian machinery manufacturers since the early two thousands and later became mainstream tools.
What is currently taking place in the manufacturing industry  is different. The pace and the magnitude of this ICT/Manufacturing convergence has now reached an unprecedented level:  IIOT, AI, deep learning, block chain, augmented reality and VR, Big Data, 5G connectivity are prepotently entering the manufacturing workshops across all advanced industrial economies.  A true revolution that opens up a new realm of possibilities and new challenges.

In the following months we will keep following the  development of the Industry 4.0 revolution, while trying to create opportunities for Italian and North American companies to collaborate.  Stay tuned!

Quite exciting times we live in.  Possibly, as exciting as when Leonardo Da Vinci,  at the pinnacle of the Renaissance, used its ingenuity to design and build innovative machinery. 2019 marks, in fact the 500th anniversary of Leonardo’s death and Machines Italia and ITA took some time to celebrate the great contributions made by Leonardo and like minded Italian innovators to science and technology by creating an illustrated roadmap of (some) groundbreaking scientific and technological breakthroughs that bear the made Italy seal.  
After all,  Technology is by definition  the "science of craft", from Greek τέχνη, techne, "art, skill, cunning of hand" and -λογία, -logia, which  is a collection of techniques, skills, methods, and processes used in the production of goods or services.

Enjoy the reading!
Matteo Picariello
Italian Trade Commissioner – Canada

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Mecaer Aviation Group - MAG is a leading international provider of solutions for Aircraft Actuation & Flight Control Systems, Landing Systems, Cabin Comfort Systems and Aircraft Services in the Helicopter, Business Aviation and General Aviation markets. it employs approximately 600 people in various facilities worldwide.


In June the FDI Desk at the Italian Trade Commission’s Toronto office organized an event to highlight the investment opportunities in Italy. The seminar was hosted by KPMG in Toronto with a great attendance. The presentations from each spokesperson were compelling.



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