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This Guide is part of a two-volume mini series that includes the legal guide "USA Practical Guide to Investing - Frequently Asked Questions" available at This second handbook also stems from a collaboration with ASSOCOMAPLAST (National Association of Manufacturers of Plastics and Rubber Machinery and Molds) with the aim of concisely presenting, to interested companies, the U.S. scale and accounting system.

The U.S. scale discipline is, as a whole, quite complicated and is constantly evolving. It is federalist in nature and is based on the principle of "progressivity" (i.e., taxes grow as income increases), with taxation on three different levels: local, state, and federal. Generally speaking is subject to the scale jurisdiction of the U.S. each sical or legal person who manufactures, sells goods or services or is a member of a partnership or Limited Liability Company.

The mini series enriches the wealth of information already available on the ICE Agency website ( and joins the list of publications edited by the ICE Network in the US. These include the "Practical Guide to Intellectual Property in the U.S." edited by the Intellectual Property Protection and Trade Barriers Assistance Desk at ICE New York

Perceptions and Opportunity: Packaging and Packaging Machinery in the USA

A presentation of a customized study by Euromonitor on the Packaging Machinery in the US for the Food & Beverage Industry on the occasion of Pack Expo International held here in Chicago in November 2016. 

The study is based on in-depth industry Interviews with over 25 U.S. Food/Beverage processors and Packaging Machinery Survey results  from over 150 U.S. Food/Beverage processors. The study was sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency Chicago USA and Italy's packaging machinery manufacturers' association, UCIMA.

The two major objectives to this report were to identify the perception of certain types of packaging machines based on country of origin, company size, while also identifying the primary purchasing decisions for US food and beverage manufacturers. And secondly, to dive into the opportunity available in the US market for Italian packaging machinery manufacturers by looking at imports into the US, key consumer pack type trends, and future purchasing decisions for US food and beverage manufacturers.
Relevant Sectors:
Soft Landing - A Service from ICE-Agency Chicago USA
ITA Chicago provides Italian companies interested in opening their own branch in the U.S. with a new soft landing service.