Machines Italia & Plant Magazine Recognize Canadian Manufacturers For Their Contributions To The COVID-19 Fight

When COVID-19 struck in early March, the Canadian industry was called upon to join the fight against the pandemic and offer support through the creation of PPE, sanitizers, ventilators, and other innovative devices.

Advanced Manufacturing Outlook 2021

The Advanced Manufacturing Outlook is a survey that measures Industry 4.0
engagement among manufacturing business owners and senior executives in Canada.
For a second consecutive year, research firm R.K. Insights in Toronto conducted the survey through June and July form Canadian Manufacturing and PLANT magazines, in partnership with Machines Italia (The Italian Trade Commission), Lapp Group North America and Alps Welding Ltd.

Innovation Days 2018 Focus on Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing Trends


the year analysts predict the United States will surpass China and Germany to once again become the #1 manufacturing powerhouse in the world.