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The USA And The Post-Covid Perspectives For The Machinery & Systems Industry!

What would you do with 2.3 trillion dollars? 250+ participants who attended the web event held last June 1, 2021 found out. You can too, by clicking here . Three panels, eleven speakers and hundreds of expected participants made this webinar a must-go to get insights about the post-pandemic scenario within manufacturing in the USA and how Italian machinery and engineering companies can provide a contribution to its take-off. The event revolved around three broad sectors, i.e. agricultural equipment, industrial machinery and clean technologies. In the first two panels, leading USA and Italian

ON DEMAND Webinar Meccanica italiana in Nord America

Data: giovedì, 11 marzo, 2021 - Ora: 16:00 PM italiana COMPILARE IL MODULO QUI PER AVERE ACCESSO ALLE PRESENTAZIONI Il webinar i ntitolato “Meccanica Italiana in Nordamerica: evoluzione della percezioni degli operatori locali" si e' tenuta sulla piattaforma Lifesize ed e' stato organizzato dagli Uffici ICE nel mercato USMCA, con la partecipazione dei seguenti relatori. Giovanni Luca Atena, Direttore, ICE-Agenzia Citta del Messico MESSICO Giuseppe Lesce, Presidente, Federmacchine Matteo Picariello, Direttore, ICE-Agenzia Toronto CANADA Marco Saladini, Direttore, ICE-Agenzia Chicago USA Il

ON DEMAND Machines Italia Webinar - a Post COVID-19 Scenario

Machines Italia Webinar - a Post COVID-19 Scenario - ON DEMAND Original Air Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021 Time: 2:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time Duration: 1 hour Click here to register to view the webinar ON DEMAND and to access related materials. Event Summary The manufacturing ecosystem has seen its capacity to plan its investments ahead fall sharply as a result of the current pandemic. In this webinar, experts from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers and the Italian Trade Agency will share with you the results of an extensive survey on what strategic changes executives in manufacturing

Machines Italia Post Covid-19 Manufacturing Study

Machines Italia in partnership with SME, conducted its “Post Covid-19 Survey” amongst 350+ USMCA companies in diverse industries asking them how they plan to do things differently in the Post Covid-19 manufacturing ecosystem. The following is one take away from the survey’s findings: “Respondents indicated that Sales is the most important during the recovery, post-COVID-19. Respondents from the Aerospace industry indicated that Adjustment of Operational Processes is 45% more “Extremely/Very Important” than the study average (61% vs. 42%). Those from the Medical/Surgical/Dental industry were

ITA Special Report: Covid-19 and B2B trade shows in the USA: demise or acceleration?

Italian manufacturing companies represent one of the major engines driving the country’s economic growth and development thanks to their ability to produce wealth and employment, make associated industries and services flourish and contribute to financial, economic and social stability. The Italian Trade Agency’s Chicago Office with this dossier intends to provide them with an overview about the current trends and virtual platforms available in the USA marketplace along with an orientation on the services offered by the Agency, so to afford them an ever-increasing number of opportunities to

Outlook 2020: From Re-set To Re-invent

Due to the spread of the novel coronavirus or COVID-19, the outlook for 2020 set out at the beginning of the year is now moot. An exogenous shock is hitting the USA and the global economy as a whole to an unknown extent. What is special about the new economic crisis is that there have been simultaneous supply and demand shocks which have commanded not only a reduction in jobs, output, and revenues but also a strong volatility and enormous losses of value on the financial markets. As a result of these shocks, the post COVID-19 manufacturing ecosystem is expected to create a paradigm shift both