Italian Machine Tool Technology Award 2017 - Technical Description


EMO MILANO 2015: The World of Metalworking

Machines to build the future, cutting-edge solutions that give the possibility of achieving what mankind has imagined, and technologies on which the improvement of the quality of life depends: this and much more will be EMO MILANO 2015. The spotlight will be on the wide offer of machine tools available, capable of attracting users from all the main sectors that use metal working systems.

28. BI-MU: Metal Forming and Metal Cutting Machines, Robots, Automation and Auciliary Technologies

Now in its 28th edition, BI-MU, the trade fair for machine tools, robots, automation and ancillary products (NC units, tools, components and accessories), is recognized by manufacturers and users alike as the trade fair to attend in even-numbered years, alternating with EMO (the "official" world trade fair for the industry).

SFORTEC 2012: Technical Subcontracting Exhibition

Rho-Pero, Milan's state-of-the-art structures fairgrounds, will play host from Octber 2nd to 6th, 2012 to the 28th edition of BI-MU/SFORTEC. The show will present the latest offering in the areas of metal forming and metal cutting machines, robots, automation and auxiliary technologies.

Besides SFORTEC, for this edition, the "biennale della macchina utensile" also will also present specialized reviews of the most recent technological solutions for welding, surface finishing, assembling and moulding/press-forging.