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ASSOFOODTEC / COMACA - Meat processing Equipment Manufacturers


COMACA represents, at a national level, the branch of machines for meat processing and groups qualified and prestigious companies that manufacture plants and equipment for slaughtering and meat processing into a large variety of products.

For its member. companies it carries out, at a national and international level, assistance and preservation services covering different sectors: technical, economic, promotional, and so on.

In the technical field, COMACA cooperates with all bodies and committees concerned with standardization activity.

The need of pursuing main targets such as safety, quality, and technological innovation of products makes this service as an indispensable means always of great interest.

As for promotion activity, it contributes to spreading or increasing the knowledge of made-in-Italy products of the sector, both through the creation of informative documentation, particularly on the occasion of major exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

COMACA co-operates with ICE (Italian Institute for Foreign Trade) in finding out and selecting initiatives to be included in promotion programs of the Italian Foreign Trade Ministry and supports ICE in the subsequent executive phase.

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