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ASSOFOODTEC / TECPROFOOD - Association of Manufacturers of Food Slicers, Mincing Machines and Similar Equipment


Tecprofood, brings together within Assofoodtec, leading Italian manufacturers of slicers and meat grinders, which formed over two decades ago to help handle the many challenges of the market. The new members have helped to broaden the representativeness of the association.

Currently, the extremely diverse range of products of member companies makes Assofoodtec the most important and significant association for all those involved in the production of equipment for the food industry, hotels, restaurants, and catering.

Italian products are now world market leaders thanks to a long tradition combined with a careful choice of materials and compliance with international standards.

In this regard, the association has always paid special attention to changing national and international standards in order to improve the compliance of products with current legislation. The ongoing presence of the association’s technical experts in the most important international for which study and define industry standards, provides additional protection to companies and their products.

The association organizes information and technical study meetings to help companies with the difficulties they often face when trying to interpret and apply EU regulations.

Thanks to their innovative business spirit and continual modernization of production techniques, our affiliated companies are able to meet the needs of a changing market, with its many and varying demands.

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