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ASSOFOODTEC / UCIMAC - Espresso Coffee Machines Manufacturers


High-status brands which have succeeded over the years in creating the great Italian tradition of producing professional espresso coffee machines, Italian products which thus rank high stories, capable of innovating in time and gaining increasing ground, as demonstrated by the high percentage of exports in the industry which nowadays account for approximately 80% of production.

There are the member firms of UCIMAC, the sector of ASSOFOODTEC representing Italian manufacturers of espresso coffee machines and equipment for bars.

UCIMAC, therefore, acts on behalf of firms which in addition to being responsible for most of Italy’s production capacity in the industry, have always been capable of interpreting developments in demand and of providing the best response to market changes, thanks also to an attentive and close relationship with customers and constant efforts to seek out the most appropriate technical solutions.

In order to ensure that superlative quality which even now remains a feature of Italian products on world markets, member firms make intensive ongoing efforts to adapt products to the various national and international standards, efforts which are fully backed by the activities of the association. UCIMAC in fact closely monitors changes in technical standards and also handles links and joint projects with the major organizations which define these standards.

On the strength of its role as representative, UCIMAC acts as an interpreter of the various problems and applications from the industry to the competent official bodies and as a partner for member firms in promoting and adding value to Italian products in the world.

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