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I.M.S.A. S.r.l. (IMSA)


Established in 1988 in the Lecco area, in northern Italy, IMSA specializes in manufacturing deep-drilling machines. 

IMSA is represented globally with more than 550 deep drilling machines currently running in Italy and in the rest of Europe, Canada, USA, Mexico, and Brazil,... IMSA machines are working in businesses in the mechanical production industry, machining job shops, aerospace, and mold makers for many sectors of the industry such as automotive, food/packing, and medical parts among others.

Many of the recent innovations applied to gun drilling machines for mold makers were developed by IMSA, and the efforts of IMSA's design team are still concentrated on this application. A deep drilling machine that offers state-of-the-art performance will provide immediate benefits and will have a long shop floor life: It’s this logic that drives IMSA to constantly improve its gun drilling machines for molds and blocks.

For centerline deep hole drilling of cylindrical parts, such as oil-hydraulic parts, gears, and mechanical transmissions, parts for medical applications, since 2000 IMSA offers a wide range of drilling machines with counter-rotation systems.

IMSA machines are made-to-order. The standard models are custom-tailored thanks to a series of options. We also offer complete high-tech solutions to meet the most common needs.