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The Pavan Group is a worldwide provider of process technology solutions to the ever changing demands that are challenging the food industry. Combined with innovative engineering and a truly global competency, whether it be the application of a single technology or a multi-disciplined turnkey approach, Pavan Group makes an ideal partner for your next project. 

Founded in 1946, Pavan has grown to reach its present size thanks to the merger of several leading companies. Pavan can provide a competitive edge for any company wishing to improve their production and enhance their business due to its high technology, 60 years experience, skilled personnel and innovative solutions. Pavan Group's sales in 2007 amounted to 92 million Euro, 95% of exports sales in 118 countries and has commercial branches in Poland, Russia, U.S.A., Mexico and Argentina. The Group consist of about 450 people. Manufacturing divisions Six brands identify the machinery and equipment engineered and built by the Group. 

Pavan produces long-cut pasta equipment, spaghetti lines, plants for macaroni, short-cut pasta equipments, nest shaped dry pasta (nidi) and couscous production systems. Mapimpianti produces cooking extrusion systems for snacks, pellets and direct expanded snacks, breakfast cereals, baby food, flakes and shaped cereals, precooked pasta and precooked flours. Toresani produces machinery for filled fresh pasta (tortellini, ravioli, cappelletti), flat fresh pasta (tagliatelle, tagliolini, lasagna, cannelloni), extruded fresh pasta, ready meals, gnocchi, etc. Montoni produces dies for food equipments, die washing machines, automatic pasta cutting systems. Stiavelli and Dizma are specialized in packaging systems for the food, confectionary and bakery products industries as well as other "non-food" goods. 

Pizeta is the subsidiary company which supplies complete turnkey systems for conveying, dosing, cleaning, recycling and storing of flour, cereals, short-cut pasta, fine products, coffee, food pellets and plastics.

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