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Emotion 2021: A Sound Journey Through The Music Of The Five Continents. A Great Music Collection To Celebrate Emo Milano 2021
EMOTION 2021, Divertissement on the Music of the Five Continents is the new music collection created to celebrate the next edition of EMO MILANO, the world exhibition dedicated to the metalworking industry, on the scene at fieramilano Rho from 4 to 9 October 2021.
Through its 10 music pieces, the album proposes an ideal journey around the world across the five continents that have always been widely represented among the exhibitors and visitors of EMO. The journey starts in Italy, then goes on to Oceania and, through Japan, reaches the Americas, then Africa and goes back to Europe, passing through France and Germany, the last stopovers before the final return to Italy. 
The compilation – fruit of an accurate research work carried out by Professor Mario Mariotti – offers a collection of well-known and immediately recognisable music tracks, re-interpreted by the Italian musicians Mario Mariotti, Ermanno Librasi and Roberto Olzer in jazz style, with trumpet, keyboards and some “forays” of electronic music and clarinets.
Promoted by FONDAZIONE UCIMU and developed by EFIM-ENTE FIERE ITALIANE MACCHINE, EMOTION intends to demonstrate, through the universal language par excellence - music – the great value of EMO, that is to say, its international character and its capacity of gathering people.
Exactly like in the collection of music pieces proposed by EMOTION 2021, EMO MILANO 2021 will be able to show an exhaustive overview of international production by the industry of machine tools, robots and automation, digital and additive manufacturing, featuring the best product offering of the major countries in the world. 
Presented during all meeting occasions and online conferences organised to promote the exhibition in these months still affected by the health emergency, the CD will be distributed worldwide, from Japan to the United States, from China to Europe, as the meetings take place.
“The world metalworking trade show has always been a symbol of internationality– stated Luigi Galdabini, general commissioner of EMO MILANO 2021 – and appeals to exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. EMOTION 2021 intends to be a metaphor of this union of cultures and of this gathering of countries, which make the exhibition even more dynamic and valuable. On the other hand, the innovation brought about by the musicians thanks to their re-interpretations and arrangements of the “classic” repertoire in jazz style is also a typical characteristic of the machine tool world. Continuous research and constant development of new solutions are the pillars that enable the product offering of the sector to meet the more and more complex and sophisticated requirements of users
EMO MILANO 2021 will be the biggest digital factory ever set up within an exhibition fairground. The halls of fieramilano Rho will host the best international product ranges of the sector, increasingly intertwined with the issue of interconnection and digitalisation, capable of enabling all those functions with very high added value, which the manufacturing industry can no longer do without. EMO MILANO 2021 will be once again a meeting place for the most qualified operators of the world industry attending their first international event after the health emergency.
On the website, updated information, details, the presentation of EMOTION 2021 are available, together with some music pieces that can be downloaded directly online. 
Cinisello Balsamo, 17 December 2020
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