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Italy's Fiam Announces Strategic Partnership with Cleveland Ohio-based ASG

Italy's Fiam Utensili Pneumatici SpA recently announced a strategic partnership with Cleveland Ohio-based ASG, naming ASG as the exclusive master distributor for Fiam in North America integrating its brand-name line of industrial air tools into the ASG product offering.

"Fiam is excited about the opportunity to partner with ASG in this ambitious growth project to become one of the top three assembly industry supply partners. The extensive technical and commercial combined competencies that Fiam and ASG have in the global assembly industry result in ideal synergy. We firmly believe that combined our two companies will develop and grow together by 'thinking big' in order to compete with larger competitive groups. As manufacturers, Fiam and ASG share converging business goals and share similar vision of the market and competitors. This leads to a high level of understanding, ensuring fast and effective actions bringing products and value-added services to our North American customers," said Luigi Bacchetta, Fiam's Managing Director, "The Fiam/ASG partnership allows customers full access to Fiam's wide range of premium quality pneumatic assembly systems through ASG's extensive North American distribution network, and we are proud to become a partner of a company so esteemed and competitive in the American market."

Federico Roma, Fiam Area Sales Manager for North America, is also enthusiastic about partnering with ASG. "Both Fiam and ASG have young, determined leadership who are willing to establish a profitable and effective partnership that extends beyond simply a distributorship relationship, generating new opportunities to sell Fiam products in North America. The U.S. is showing impressive signs of industrial manufacturing turnaround and thus we are excited by the promising opportunities presented for this new venture to develop new products and services, increasing our combined market presence and brand value."

The collaboration between Fiam and ASG brings together the strengths of two global market leaders with long histories serving the assembly industry. With more than 100 years of combined experience, ASG and Fiam both offer unparalleled industry expertise in product design and manufacturing, systems engineering, custom solutions and customer support. Fiam offers a wide product range of pneumatic air tools, with products spanning a torque range from 0.4-910 Nm. Fiam's pneumatic screwdrivers and nutrunners are available in a torque range of 0.4-60 Nm. The Fiam line of air impact wrenches offers a torque range of 24-910 Nm, while their line of hydraulic oil pulse wrenches offers a torque range of 4-230 Nm. ASG's capabilities span the range of distributor and manufacturer; ASG is a leading distributor of a full line of torque control screwdrivers, torque testers, error-proofing products and workstation and assembly accessories, and also manufactures the X-PAQ™ line of transducerized DC electric precision fastening systems and accessories in its U.S. headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio.

"It was first told to me by a long-time Fiam customer, that Fiam was the best-kept secret in the air tool business," states Bryon Shafer, ASG General Manager. "I couldn't agree more. The Fiam brand, while well-known throughout Europe, has had little marketing attention in the North American territory. Since introducing the ASG H-Series line of air tools eight years ago, our Industrial Product Group was limited to providing customers with a mid-range cost effective product. With the addition of Fiam's premium line of air tools and assembly systems, ASG is now positioned to supply customers in a much-needed two-tier approach. ASG is now able to offer the top tier Fiam products as part of the ASG 'Ultimate Gold' category of world class quality products, with the ASG H-Series 'Select Blue' value engineered products in the second tier. We are very excited about the opportunity to partner with a company like Fiam, who shares the same values as ASG and the whole Jergens family of businesses in terms of quality and customer service, and look forward to significant market share growth by leveraging ASG's extensive sales channels and aggressive marketing."

About Fiam

Fiam is one of the leading European companies and Italy's foremost designer and manufacturer of industrial air tools and assembly systems. Since 1949, Fiam has been on the cutting-edge of perceiving and interpreting industry demands, transforming them into innovative premier quality assembly solutions for customers worldwide. With the most extensive product catalog of air tools covering the widest torque range in the industry, Fiam products are world renowned for unsurpassed reliability and productivity, and excellent ergonomic designs. As a company Fiam is ecologically responsible, designing and manufacturing products with an eye towards environmental conservation.

About ASG

ASG has been offering products and solutions for the assembly industry for over 30 years. A complete line of torque control products and precision fastening equipment is offered through ASG Assembly, Industrial, and Precision Fastening product groups and includes electric and pneumatic torque control drivers, automated fastening systems, torque testers, work station accessories, precision screw presenters, automatic tape and label dispensers, the X-PAQ™ System, and more.