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Italy's Textile Machinery Association - ACIMIT Launches "Sustainable Technologies" Project

Italy's ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, has realized the "Sustainable Technologies" project. It is an effort to promote growth within the textile industry with a focus on new production models and efficient processes from an energy standpoint. Reducing the industry's environmental impact, the Italian textile machinery sector is working to provide technology solutions that place reduced consumption in energy, water and chemical products at the center of the production process - allowing for a manufacturing cycle that is more responsible and mindful of consumption, while respecting the environment.

Within this context, ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, has realized the "Sustainable Technologies" project, in cooperation with the engineering firm D'APPOLONIA, with the aim of developing and promoting some key issues for the textile industry. This initiative testifies the commitment of Italian textile machinery manufacturers to research and advanced solutions that respond to sustainability criteria. A commitment which translates into environmentally efficient technology solutions that provide significant benefits to users, in terms of reduced production costs.

The transparency of the technical information provided is the first step taken to make visible the attention placed by Italian machinery manufacturers on issues involving sustainability. At the center of the "Sustainable Technologies" project is the ACIMIT green label, designed by ACIMIT and used by its members. ACIMIT associated companies adhering to this initiative can avail themselves of a descriptive label (named the ACIMIT Green Label) which demonstrates and valorizes the efficiency of their machinery, complying with a "energy labeling" type approach. ACIMIT's Sustainable Technologies project are supported by Italy's Ministry of Economic Development and Italian Trade Commission, convinced of the crucial role of Italy’s textile machinery sector in re-launching the Country’s economy.

For more information and the current listing of ACIMIT member companies using the "Green Label" click here.