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PRINT4ALL: The Very Best for Printing and Converting in May at Fiera Milano

Milan, 5 April 2018 – Print4All is just around the corner. From 29 May to 1 June, the entire printing industry - converting, package printing, labelling, commercial and industrial printing - will be converging on a unique event that will see over 300 exhibitors come together to represent the leading international brands at Rho, Fiera Milano, halls 18 and 20. New technology will be under the spotlight alongside training opportunities for printers, brand owners and creatives: a reflection on the future of the market in pursuit of ideas, innovation and new synergies. For all those that operate in the printing sector - printers as well as brand owners and creatives - the event represents an important opportunity for business networking to take stock of market developments; a showcase presenting the latest novelties, as well as an authentic training academy that will provide operators with interesting occasions for discussion and professional development. An ambitious project designed in close collaboration with sector companies.

As regards Printing & Communication, the event will in fact involve leading international brands and will provide a showcase of the highly innovative printed and visual communication products available today, including increasingly sophisticated digital, offset and rotogravure printing machines that meet the most varied of customer requirements. Whether we are talking about books, catalogues, direct mail, packaging, labels or ‘objects’, the aim is to surprise, whilst also offering solutions able to ensure recognisability, identity and product interactivity: from post-printing treatments (finishing) and the most extreme in customisation, to high-quality, high-performance inks, or the combination between innovative technologies and traditional media to achieve mesmerising results, including both augmented paper and reality.

The Converting, Package Printing and Labelling offer is set to be extensive owing to the presence of leading international brands. The latest rotogravure, flexo and hybrid technologies for package printing and labelling, as well as converting technologies, will be showcased with the intention of astonishing and engaging the consumer. There will subsequently be a focus on laminating, varnishing, embossing, reliefs and screen-printing effects, which can provide new tactile sensations, alongside the meticulous study of colour and the creation of labels and packaging boasting an increasingly impressive ‘wow’ factor, whilst also being safer and capable of providing assurance as regards product origin. Last but not least, we have the offering dedicated to Industrial Printing with solutions for printing on materials that go ‘beyond’ paper; these include the very latest proposals for ink jet printing and the laser cutting of personalised objects printed on plastic materials, as well as solutions for digital textile and/or interior decoration printing. The event will be further enriched by the presence of leading ink suppliers as well as suppliers of the materials required for these applications.


In addition to showcasing innovation, Print4All also presents itself as a ‘home of content’: thanks to the extensive and articulated programme of conferences and initiatives, the event will provide the operators with tangible instruments, which allow for a complete overview of the role and potential of printing in each and every phase of the ‘customer journey’, whilst also providing new creative ideas and enabling them to further their knowledge of relevant topics. Concreteness and dynamism intended for agile and advantageous fruition will be the goal of the Print4All conference offering.

In order to discover new technologies and applications, the Intensive Seminar series will be making a short and sweet format available to professionals with 30-minute meetings and speakers of international standing, who will provide concise and concrete opportunities for development on specific topics: Printer governance & awareness - learning about and exploring the new printing industry scenarios and managing them so as to transform these changes into opportunities; Channel innovation and new technologies - understanding how new technologies and cross-channelling impact on sector efficiency, the safety of the end user and product traceability; End product innovation - product and material innovation in addition to environmental sustainability; The customer journey - understanding where the end customer is at the heart of decisions relating to the product and channels; The 3rd-millennium printer - analysing the characteristics, expertise and aptitudes of today's professional printers; Market, new markets and sectors - reflecting on the Italian and foreign markets, the opportunities or threat posed by ‘offset’ printing’ and techstyle/textstyle; A comparison of different sectors - publishing, printing, advertising, luxury and fashion; Production techniques and strategies - understanding the priorities for advanced production in terms of customer, market and innovation.

The Future of… instead envisages four meetings, one for every day of the trade show, which have been scheduled to take place in the late afternoon and will allow for a reflection on the future challenges that all sector professionals, be they manufacturers or consumers, will have to address in order to remain competitive. The four topics that will be addressed as part of the daily discussions are as follows: The Future of... Printing Business, The Future of... Print Markets, The Future of... Customer Experience, The Future of... Product & Process Innovation. There will also be contributions from publishers and associations, who will be presenting their vision for the market, alongside exhibitors, who will be illustrating the advantages of their most innovative technological offerings.

More specifically, Intergraf has chosen Print4All to organise the ‘Print Matters for the Future’ International Conference, Assocarta will be presenting European initiative ‘Two Sides - The Green Side of Paper’, which provides information on the environmental value of paper and printing, by analysing false myths and subsequently providing evidence to support their actual sustainability, whilst the Paper and Graphics Federation (ACIMGA-ARGI, ASSOGRAFICI, ASSOCARTA) will take the opportunity to present the results of around six months’ worth of research and mapping activities on the State of the Art of Industry 4.0 Practices across the three segments that it comprises.


Thanks to the various special initiatives, Print4All will also be an occasion for the development of key topics relating to the market and its evolution. The two themed exhibition areas are as follows: Print4All Cardboard Area - a dedicated and recognisable space devoted to the corrugated board sector, which will bring together companies that supply machinery and provide sector-specific solutions. Print4All Online Printers - a space dedicated to the online printing sector in addition to the new business models that it generates.

The most creative and innovative of ideas will instead take shape at PrintMat, an exhibition in the exhibition, designed to explore the latest frontiers in printing innovation, where the synergistic use of technologies, materials and media, breathes life into entirely new products and objects. PrintMat will be a showcase for those proposing innovative solutions in terms of printable materials, technologies and printing consumables and, in one pathway that simulates the various different usage contexts, will synthesise the very best of printing solutions in all stages of the product's life: pre-sales, outlet and after-sales. The exhibition space will in fact be physically subdivided into three areas: the pre-sales area will comprise direct marketing, billboard, poster, smart catalogue, signage and display proposals; the sales area will be dedicated to smart packaging, POP and interior signage, cases and boxes and finally the after-sales area will focus on printing on objects (ProductDec), interior printing (InteriorDec) and functional printing. The experience will be completed by PrintMat’s Speech Corner, where visitors will be able to listen to brief technical talks on the printing process, in addition to learning and getting up to speed with all the latest on the newest and most innovative procedures that are already in use and that can be used to realise all types of ideas.

Special attention will be dedicated to young people, the professionals of tomorrow. The Print4All school project envisages educational and didactic courses that will enable students to gain access to the event and have their own dedicated space, within which they will be able to learn all about the history of paper and its value, see a number of historic printing machines at work and, as part of an organised tour, visit several of the stands presenting innovative printing solutions. The tour will be organised with the support of the same company experts who will transform the students’ visit into an itinerant training seminar within the halls, enabling them to discover the technologies that make printing on all types of media and for all types of applications possible. The project will involve students from the AIMSC, ASSOCARTA and ENIPG circuits.


Print4All is part of The Innovation Alliance project, which will bring IPACK-IMA, MEAT-TECH, PLAST, PRINT4ALL and INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA together at Fiera Milano for the very first time. Operators of diverse food and non-food sectors will discover a unique and extensive showcase of Italian and international technological excellence, relative to different production industries that are nonetheless united by a strong production chain logic. A complete offering, ranging from processing to packaging, plastic and rubber machining and industrial and commercial printing, to the graphic customisation of packaging and labels, through to the handling and storage of goods. An offering that will occupy 17 halls, i.e. almost the entire Rho Fiera Milano district.

For more information on this event, contact the following at the Fiera Milano Press Office:

Rosy Mazzanti - Mariagrazia Scoppio 
mariagrazia.scoppio [at]
tel. +39 02 4997.6214