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Pirelli Reaffirms Its Long-Term Commitment To Mexico And NAFTA
Pirelli recently unveiled its plan to invest USD $200 million to build a new car tire manufacturing facility in Silao, Guanajuato, Mexico. The announcement came only four years after the inauguration of another Pirelli factory in the ‘Puerto Interior’ industrial park in Silao and coincided with the visit to Mexico of Italy’s Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi and meeting with Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto at the Palacio Nacional, in Mexico City.  According to the company, the new investment confirms the importance of Mexico to Pirelli’s international operations, especially the NAFTA market where the premium strategy is showing “promising” signs of success. The total value of the Italian multinational company in Mexico is now over USD $600 million.
The construction of the new facility will begin late 2017 will be equipped with the most advanced and environmentally sustainable technology, bringing Pirelli’s production capacity to 7.5 million pieces by the end of 2018. The 1,400-strong workforce is forecast to grow to more than 1,800.
The current Pirelli production hub in Silao covers 140,000 square meters and produces tires for the premium segment of the market and in particular the High Performance and Ultra High-Performance tires for cars and SUVs sold across the NAFTA countries.  In 2015, premium sales in the region grew by 24.3 percent. Overall, last year the area registered sales of about USD $973 million — an increase of 21.7 percent and representing 13.7 percent of total group sales, up from 11.8 percent the previous year.
Part of Pirelli’s North American strategy includes a close collaboration with automakers.  Several tire models have been in fact designed and developed in collaboration with local partners: Cinturato P7, All Season Plus, Scorpion Verde All Season Plus, Pzero All Season Plus.   To its NAFTA clients, the company offers several programs geared toward improving the management and optimization of the inventory. The FastTrack, network, and geo-marketing are some examples of these programs available through Pirelli.  
In Mexico, the company offers training and technical development assistance to its employees and to customers through the Istituto Piero Pirelli foundation.
Pirelli & C. SpA is a multinational company based in Milan, Italy, founded in 1872 and publicly traded since 1922. The company is the world's fifth-largest tire manufacturer and it is present in over 160 countries, has 20 manufacturing sites[5] around the world, 37,000 employees and a network of around 10,000 distributors and retailers.
Pirelli has been supplying advanced and high performing tires for racing competition since 1907. Nowadays, Pirelli is the exclusive supplier of renowned sport events such as Formula 1 (since 2011), Superbike World Championship and countless other events around the world.
Pirelli commits 3% of its revenues to R&D and product innovation.