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euro | Production | distribution | industrial | Automotive | investments | research | machines | team | sace
Volume: #5 Summer 2018
Euro Group is the world leader in the production and distribution of magnetic laminations for electric motors and generators for the most varied industrial applications: from automotive to domotics. The holding controls various manufacturing companies and divisions in several countries (Eurtranciatura, Alcast, Corrada, Euroslot, Saf, and others) and has 1,700 employees and a turnover of about €…
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italian | sace | Mexico | US | Loan | milan | America | Production | modular | GENERAL MANAGER
Volume: #4: Fall 2017
Italian photovoltaics supplier Fimer has sealed €9 million in financing from Sace and Deutsche Bank for the supply of conversion centres for two solar farms in Mexico. Deutsche will issue two performance bonds worth US$4.3 million, which will be backed by Sace. The German bank will also issue a €5 million loan that will be used to finalise supply contracts. Head of Milan branch at Sace,…
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America | Production | company | Loan | aerospace | Chairman | italian | Future | North America
Volume: #3: Winter 2017
Mecaer America has announced that it will invest $40.4 million in its Laval facilities to design and manufacture new landing gear for airplanes and helicopters. The company will receive a $5-million loan and a $3-million non-refundable contribution from Investissement Québec. “The agreement with the Québec government and Investissement Québec confirms that we have chosen the right territory –…