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ASSOFOODTEC (Incorporating UCMA)—the Italian Association of Machinery and Plant Manufacturers for Food Production, Processing, and Preservation—has leveraged the Italian spirit of innovation into a global leadership position. ASSOFOODTEC operates within the Federation of Italian Mechanical and Engineering Associations (ANIMA), and its members turn out machines for global exports that are well known for technological superiority, durability, and ingenuity.

ANIMA - the Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries - is the industrial organization which represents all major companies of the mechanical and engineering industry within the Italian Confederation of the Industry - Confindustria, a field that gives work to 192.000 employees and reaches a turnover of 41,8 Billion Euro and  51% rate of export/turnover.

Established in 1914, the Federation numbers within its organization more than 60 Associations and groups and over 1000 member-companies among the best qualified within their own specialized production. ANIMA fosters the interest of the mechanical and engineering industry, representing and promoting in Italy and abroad the companies and their products and supporting the member-companies in all their technical and economic problems. The Federation represents the main reference organization at the national and international levels for all Italian companies in the mechanical and engineering industry.

Six major entities belonging to ANIMA/CONFINDUSTRIA – Federation of the Italian Associations of Mechanical and Engineering Industries – have chosen to answer together to several common problems and to the increasing challenges of the world market, making ASSOFOODTEC, the Italian Association of Machinery and Plant Manufacturers for Food Production, Processing Preservation, the most important Italian association in technologies field for the food industry.

ASSOFOODTEC members are:

  • Association of Manufacturers of Gelato Machines, Shop Fittings and Equipment – ACOMAG

  • Association of Manufacturers of Food Slicers, Mincing Machines, and Similar Equipment

  • Association of Manufacturers of Meat Processing Equipment – COMACA

  • Association of Manufacturers of Refrigeration Equipment

  • Association of Manufacturers of Espresso Coffee Machines – UCIMAC

  • Association of Manufacturers of Food Processing Equipment – UCMA

Prestigious and qualified companies, a great wealth of experience and reliability, and increasing technical development of products, this is what ASSOFOODTEC can offer.

A wealth built-in time by companies that blending tradition, quality, and technology has well understood the several market demand, achieving unequaled leading positions.

It deals with results obtained through a diversified offer of products ranging from relatively simple machinery to extremely sophisticated production lines uncontested worldwide.

The high volume of exports (65%) places our industry to the “pole” position in the world.

Such a relevant placement is the result of manufacturing commitment, the ability of entrepreneur and food culture, and tradition that Italy succeded in building up, experience by experience, all along the course of history.

The gastronomic tradition as a cultural patrimony to be preserved led Italy to expect from its industry the elaboration of technologies tending to satisfy such a requirement, though with necessarily changed processing methods.

Matching and flexibility are some of the distinctive features of Italian products. 

A richness built-in time by companies which, by coupling tradition, quality and technology, have well understood the several market demand and attained still unequaled leading position.

Assofoodtec pays special attention to monitoring technological development by participating through its own representatives, in the activity of the most important bodies charged with the drawing up of European and world technical standards (CEN, IEC, ISO). Indeed Assofoodtec experts have made an essential contribution to the drafting of most European standards for machinery for the food industry.

Association members can also call upon specialist support from TIFQ – Hygienic Quality of Food Equipment Institute, the organization sponsored by Assofoodtec, that checks and assesses the technologies used throughout the food chain and in the treatment of water intended for human consumption. TIFQ can release third party certification and issue a Mark to certify the hygienic quality of the process.

The sector’s natural propensity to export means that Assofoodtec closely watches the development of markets focusing especially on where there is strong potential for Italian products. Thus it promotes, often in cooperation with ICE – Italian Institute for Foreign Trade and the Ministry of Economic Development sectoral initiatives implemented using differentiated formulas such as trade missions, participation in trade fairs, market survey, seminars, workshop, etc.

Assofoodtec, through its representativity in the market, constitutes the primary referent of ICE in defining a national program of the promotion for the food processing technologies field.

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