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Amaplast presents "Italian Technology for the Circular Economy"

AMAPLAST - Italian plastics and rubber processing machinery and molds manufacturers Association, launches a video to highlight how the Italian companies have always been technologically at the forefront of the world with their essential contribution to the production of functional and safe artifacts - with processes that optimize the use of raw materials and energy - as well as their mechanical recycling at the end of life.
The Italian Companies immediately activated to make available reliable technologies for the production of all those protections and those medical devices that have been helpful in the management of the Covid-19 emergency.
This video aims to highlight how useful plastic is, in our daily life and what an essential contribution it gives, for example, in the field of food storage and personal care.
But it is also a sustainable solution, because plastic, compared to other materials, requires less energy for its transformation but above all, with the collaboration of all, it is easily recyclable and therefore reusable. Only the full awareness of the characteristics of plastic products and their correct disposal methods means that there is no waste of resources, on the contrary, recycled materials fall as much as possible into the value chain, realizing the full transition to an industrial system based on the principles of the circular economy.

For more information, contact the following:
AMAPLAST Press Office
A Più srl
Arianna Unger 
arianna [at] 
phone +39 347 307177