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IPACK-IMA 2015 Presentation Available Now

Presentation on IPACK-IMA 2015, May 19-23, 2015, Milan, Italy

Conducted on November 4, 2014 during the Pack Expo International Show in Chicago, USA.


The show

IPACK-IMA is among the most attractive international exhibitions for suppliers of technology and materials for Processing & Packaging. It will be held in 2015, May 19-23 at Fieramilano, Milan - Italy. It is a comprehensive showcase and the only event officially recognized by the EXPO Milano (the Universal Exposition running at Fieramilano from May 1 to October 31, 2015) as Italy’s leader in processing and packaging technology.
IPACK-IMA is a large system exhibition showcasing the very top solutions in food and non-food sectors for industry professionals; in particular it is world renowned for its display of dry pasta technology.


IPACK-IMA bets on Fresh Food

The 2015 edition is set to be a major one for IPACK-IMA. The exhibition is evolving and there is some important news in store for next year. Besides being the world’s leading event for dry pasta technology, IPACK-IMA will showcase technology for the fresh food industry.
The exhibition halls will give extensive room to one of the liveliest sectors of the food and distribution industry, faced with new consumption habits. Fresh food requires new, specific packaging and packaging technology, which finds its perfect showcase at IPACK-IMA.
The biggest news about the event is that IPACK-IMA will be flanked by vertical exhibitions dedicated to the fresh food technologies:

Meat-Tech - Processing & Packaging for the Meat Industry is a new, highly specialized event for the business community of the meat industry, showcasing top technology and products for meat processing, preservation, packaging and distribution. Meat-Tech attracts the attention of the most representative market sectors and will benefit from IPACK-IMA’s large public.

Dairytech – Processing & Packaging for the Dairy industry is the new exhibition born from the strong demand of industry stakeholders and dedicated to processing and packaging technology for dairy products. Spanning from milk collection and storage to processing of finished product down to packaging, preservation and sale, Dairytech offers a unique, comprehensive overview of the latest manufacturing and processing technology in the industry.

Fruit Innovation – the newly born exhibition, organized by Fiera Milano and Ipack-Ima spa, dedicated to Product Innovation, Technologies and Services for the Fruit & Vegetables Industry (20-22 May, 2015) is the answer to the demand for innovation and internationalization in the fruit & vegetable supply chain. It’s a winning combination of products and technology bringing increased visibility to cutting-edge solutions.

The synergy with “EXPO 2015”  and the focus on sustainability

To top off this extraordinary event, the shows will be held in conjunction with the EXPO Milano 2015, the Universal exposition running from May 1 to October 31, 2015, whose grounds adjoin the Fieramilano exhibition complex. Buyers will have the unique chance to visit IPACK-IMA 2015  plus the 143 national and thematic pavilions.


“Food Processing & packaging innovation for a sustainable development” is the central theme of IPACK-IMA 2015 and will be developed – in concordance with “Feed the planet. Energy for life” – (the theme of the Expo 2015) - through an international convention scheduled on May 20th 2015 and organized in partnership with UNIDO and the UN Food Agencies. The main issue under discussion is sustainability, the leitmotiv of all side events to the 2015 shows.  This is the third edition of IPACK-IMA to enjoy the prestigious partnership with the UN, which started in 2009 with the convention “More technology, safety & quality, less hunger” followed in 2012 by the international symposium “Enhancing Food Safety and Food Security in African Countries. Packaging & Processing Technologies from the Farm’s Gate to the Consumer Table”.

The Chairmanship

Following a tradition of prominent Chairmen who are also key figures in the industries represented at the show, IPACK-IMA’s Chairmen for 2015 is Marco Pedroni, Chairman of Coop Italia (the largest retail chain in Italy, with a turnover of 13,1 Bln Euros, and a 19% market share), following Alberto Bauli in 2009 and Paolo Barilla in 2012. Mr Pedroni’s chairmanship has strong implications emphasizing IPACK-IMA’s synergy with the EXPO 2015 as the two events are going to be held together. COOP Italia is in fact partner of the EXPO in the ‘Future Food Disctrict’ thematic area, with the project ‘SUPERMARKET FOR THE FUTURE’.

IPACK-IMA and co-located shows : the entire supply chain on display

The opportunities created by the next edition of IPACK-IMA will be further increased by the joint staging with Converflex (converting, package printing and labelling) and Intralogistica Italia (organized in partnership with Deutsche Messe). This concentration of exhibitions creates a unique ensemble that is unparalleled in the world for its all-comprehensive display of interconnected sectors spanning across the entire supply chain. A one-off chance for visitors to get a complete overview of top-level technology in four strategic, synergic industries and to focus on three high-growth segments with IPACK-IMA’s vertical shows. IPACK-IMA and its co-located shows will take up nearly all of Fieramilano’s capacity. The global event is expected to bring 2,500 exhibitors and 100,000 visitors. Milan will be home to the world’s largest and most wide-ranging showcase in the fields of processing, packaging, converting, package printing and logistics.

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