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Italian - Canadian, Cross Province, Multidisciplinary Ingenuity And Collaboration To Help Fight Covid 19
Dr. Francesco Donatelli, an Italian-trained Associate Professor at the Department of Anesthesia at the Montreal General Hospital was searching for help designing and manufacturing a non-invasive oxygen therapy hood, modelled on the helmets used by doctors in Italy, to treat the country’s devastating number of COVID-19 patients.

The helmet used in Italy’s hospitals is made of lightweight, rigid plastic. It can be used for non-invasive ventilation and CPAP therapy (continuous positive airway pressure). Patients who wear the hood are still able to speak, drink and listen.
Since the respiratory support hoods do not require intubation or a ventilator, they could help preserve Quebec’s supply of sedation drugs and ventilators for the most seriously ill, says Donatelli and, consequently, also help reduce ICU admissions.
But despite high demand from around the world, the original hood was no longer available as Italy’s government ordered the European manufacturer to halt exportation of the device to preserve the stock for its own population. 
That didn’t deter Donatelli. The specialist started working on designing and manufacturing a Canadian version with his team of volunteers.
This is when the Montreal General Hospital team crossed path with  Jonathan Theriault, a mechanical engineer who now works for Dehumidified Air Solutions in Montreal. First, Theriault reverse-engineered the Italian hood sample that was sent his way. After receiving some medical specifications from Dr. Donatelli, he embarked on a first design that would require as few custom parts as possible. Raw materials were hard to come by and the engineer knew creating custom machinery would be expensive and time-consuming.
Finally, Juan Rodriguez, President of  Avicam Technologies, a medical device manufacturer located in London, Ontario offered their services and expertise to produce prototypes of the hood.    Avicam Technologies also makes 3D printed face shields for health-care workers.”
Rodriguez and his staff took Jonathan Theriault’s design and “just tweaked it,” and after several on-line meetings, manufactured several working prototypes, that are being tested and refined.  Once obtained the required the regulatory approvals the oxygen-therapy hood will become a useful tool to treat Covid 19 patients and patients with respiratory issues
Source: CTV News