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Italian Technology Awards 2019: Students Wanted!
Machines Italia, the Italian Trade Agency network in North America will continue in 2019 with the Italian technology Awards program. The Italian Technology Awards promote Italian manufacturing technology, engineering, and design among graduate and undergraduate students across North America and worldwide. This awards program is supported by Federmacchine, the National Federation of Association of Manufacturers of capital goods intended for industrial and handicrafts manufacturing processes, and its members.
University students are invited to present projects and theses on a variety of subjects related to specific industries and technologies. A jury of Italian and international industry experts, professors, and engineers select the winning entries.
The awards recipients and their professors win a trip to Italy, with complimentary flights, meals, accommodations, and transportation. During their stay in Italy, students and professors are offered a tailored program of in-class learning sessions and seminars, as well as factory visits and excursions to industrial sites.
Over 50 students from 10 countries will be taking part 2019 edition of the Italian Technology Awards program which will be supported by various Machines Italia’s Italian machinery manufacturers associations (7):
USA:  Metalworking Machinery (UCIMU), Glassworking Machinery (GIMAV),  
Canada: Metalworking Machinery (UCIMU), Glassworking Machinery (GIMAV),
Mexico: Metalworking Machinery (UCIMU), Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery (AMAPLAST), 
China:  Metalworking Machinery (UCIMU),
Iran: Leather and Tannery Machinery (ASSOMAC), 
Oman: Plastic and Rubber Processing Machinery (AMAPLAST)
India: Textile Machinery (ACIMIT)
Russia:  Metalworking Machinery (UCIMU), 
Uzbekistan: Leather and Tannery Machinery (ASSOMAC),
Pakistan:  Textile Machinery (ACIMIT).

For further information on this initiative and to inquire on how to be part of the 2019 Italian technology Awards, please contact machinesitalia [at] (subject: Machines%20Italia%20E-newsletter)