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Machines Italia Presents At Packology 2013 In Rimini, Italy

Machines Italia NAFTA will be one of the presenters during the June 11th Conference / Seminar entitled Business in the US: Do Right, Do It Now held onsite during the Italian Packaging Machinery Show: Packology 2013 in Rimini (June 11-14, 2013).

Machines Italia representatives from the Chicago Office of the Italian Trade Commission (ITC) will present the numerous and beneficial tools available to Italian packaging machinery manufacturers, offered by the ITC to Italian companies looking to enter or reinforce their presence in the US market. Scheduled attendence number is to be over 100 manufacturers and companies involved in the packaging machinery industry.

The tentative schedule for the BUSINESS IN USA:DO IT NOW, DO IT RIGHT Conference / Seminar on June 11, 2013 is as follows:

14:30 Benvenuto / Welcome - dott. Giuseppe Lesce, President of Italy's national association of packaging machinery manufacturers - Ucima

14:40 USA: Il mercato delle macchine automatiche per il packaging / USA: the packaging machines market - dott. Paolo Gambuli,  General Manager of Ucima

15:00 Strumenti a supporto del business in USA / Support and tools for the OEM business in USA - Mr. Bart Pascoli, Project Coordinator of the Italian Trade Commission's Machines Italia desk in Chicago

15:20 Business in USA: do it right the first time - Ms. Anne Cappel, Executive Director of the European American Chamber of Commerce

15:50 Coffee Break

16:00 Mercato USA: regole per la conformità delle macchine automatiche e costi delle non conformità / USA Market: regulations for automatic machine conformity and costs of non conformity - dott. Matteo Marconi, Owner of Advanced Consulting & Engineering S.r.l.

16:20 Rockwell Automation: il giusto partner per il vostro successo - Rockwell Automation: partnering for success - dott. Fabrizio Scovenna, Country Sales Director Italian Region of Rockwell Automation

About Packology 2013:

Packology is a new concept of trade event organised by Ucima (Association of Italian Makers of Automatic Packaging and Processing Machines) and Fiera Rimini that combines the classic exhibition formula with a calendar full of events, activities and partnerships with bodies, institutions, research and university institutes, and national and international opinion movements that work around the processing and packaging sector.

Packology 2013 will therefore be the event of reference for the entire community of national and international industry professionals to be held in Rimini from Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th June, 2013.