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Machines Italia Celebrates The Italian Technology Award Winners From North America
Last November, the Italian Trade Commission (ITA) announced the US winners of the thirteenth Italian Packaging Technology Award (IPTA), seventh Italian Machine Tool Technology Award (IMTTA) and the first-ever in the US - the Italian Glass working Technology Award (IGTA). ITA honored recipients for their outstanding theses submissions and academic scholarships with a one-week educational and cultural trip to Italy which commenced on November 27th, 2016.

The 2016 US winners joined distinguished students from two other countries (Mexico, Russia) in an intense educational program at the Università Carlo Cattaneo – LIUC to discuss innovations and best practices in the machine manufacturing industry. The program not only provided academic growth, but an excellent opportunity for practical experience in international collaboration. Students also toured top Italian machinery manufacturing factories and discovered firsthand innovative technologies which have made Italian manufacturers recognized world leaders. In addition, students were given time to take cultural and historical tours of various Italian cities while in Italy.
The initiative’s fundamental mission is to enrich the engineering education of US students. ITA’s Chicago Office sponsors IMTTA in collaboration with UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE (Association of Italian Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Robots, and Automation Systems & Ancillary Products). IPTA is sponsored in conjunction with the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association (UCIMA), and ITA- via its Houston Office, the IGTA in conjunction with (GIMAV) the Italian Association of Glass-Processing Machinery and Accessory Suppliers. As collaborative partners in the initiative, each organization is motivated to support ITA’s mission to advance knowledge globally within the machine manufacturing industry for the next generation of engineering professionals. The three award programs have received the local support and cooperation of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).
This year, 2017 US winners will be invited to take part in 2017 activities in the US, organized by, or in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency.
2016 International Italian Technology Award US Recipients:

Italian Machine Tool Awards:

Sarah Wolff, Northwestern University

David Pritchet, Northwestern University

Stephanie Hulsey, Clemson University

Jennifer Lynn Bennett, Northwestern University

Professor: Dr. Giorgio Bortolotto, Northwestern University


Italian Glass working Technology Awards:

Courtney Au-Yeng, Leigh University

Sean D. McAnany, Leigh University

Charles McLaren, Leigh University

Professor: Dr. Siddha Pimputkar, Leigh University


Italian Packaging Technology Awards:

 Anusuya Thinaharan, Rochester Institute of Technology

Dan Douglas Kramer, Penn State University

Michael Moorehead, California Polytechnic State University

Professor: Dr. Arthur Alves Teixeira, University of Florida

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