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North American Woodworkers Meet At XYLEXPO 2020
Xylexpo is the leading International trade show for woodworking machinery and technology in Italy.  This year, the biennial trade show, will take place from November 10  to 13 in Milan, and will celebrate its 27th anniversary, over 50 years since its first inauguration.  Despite disruption caused by COVID 19 pandemic, the show is slated to post a good performance:
  • Over 400 exhibitors from over 30 countries
  • 35+ thousand visitors 
  • 300+ thousand square feet of floor space
Machines Italia, the network of Italian Trade Agency’s North American offices and ACIMALL, the Italian Woodworking Technology Association, mounted a communication campaign to promote the event through Wood Industry magazine, in Canada, the Woodworking Network and FDMC, in the USA as well as via social media, including LinkedIn and Youtube. A group of 150 foreign delegates, 30 of which from Mexico, USA and Canada, will be invited to visit Xylexpo and meet with selected Italian exhibitors.  Among the delegates are the winners of the 5th Win A Trip To Xylexpo contest organized by Machines Italia Canada, ACIMALL and Wood Industry magazine:
  1. Lisa Gudmundson. From Brown & Rutherford, Winnipeg,MB
  2. Paula Goulding, Liveedgelumbergirl & Company, Kitchener, ON
For further information on the initiative, please contact  toronto [at]">toronto [at]