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UCIMU’s Metalworking Industry Fam Trip To Canada
Last March,  UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE embarked on a trip to Canada to gather insights of the country’s thriving metalworking sector.  The program of the fam trip that stretched across 4 days, from March 4 to 8. was custom tailored by Machines Italia and included production site visits (12)  and meetings with key industry stakeholders (8) in Ontario and Quebec: Magna Powertrain Inc , Motor Specialty Manufacturing, NTN Bearing Corporation of Canada,  Hibar, Mott Manufacturing Ltd, BMP Metals Inc, Tycos Tool & Die, North Star Technical Inc, Fred Hall and Son,  Mecaer America Inc, ICC Industrial Chimney Company, TMI Climate Solutions, Aero Montreal, CRIAQ, EDC, BDC, Invest in Canada, Canadian Tooling and Machining Association, Automotive Parts Manufacturers' Association, Mechanical & Mechatronics Engineering Faculty, University of Waterloo.

In preparation of the trip, Machines Italia conducted and extensive market analysis of the metalworking industry. The findings were incorporated in a comprehensive report  that was presented by UCIMU during the course of a webinar on July 16.

The spokesperson from Machines Italia Canada, Sandra di Carlo, Deputy Trade Commissioner from Canada, talked about the  project and the overall economy and the manufacturing industry. Short facts on the Metalworking sector: Revenue (2017): $5 miliardi , exports (2017): $ 2,6 miliardi, imports (2017): $ 3 miliardi, sector’s growth between 2013 and 2018: 3%, total number of establishments: :1.736 of which 96.1% have less of i 99 employees, workforce: 22.895.

For further information on this initiative and to request a copy of the report, please contact machinesitalia [at] ?subject=Machines%20Italia%20E-newsletter">machinesitalia [at]