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In Mexico, the manufacturing sector accounts for almost 19% of national GDP

In Mexico, for example, themanufacturing sector accounts for just under 19% of national GDP, ahead of trade and services.

The OAS emphasized that in Latin America, oil is a key factor in the region's development, confirming a report by the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (CEPAL), which states that the region's economies account for just over 8% of global GDP.

Oil has been a determining factor in regional development, in terms of infrastructure construction, job creation and annual investment volume, while hydrocarbon production accounts for a very significant share of GDP.

In these sectors, engineers and technicians play an important role in the economic, technological and social development of countries, as they use science to improve infrastructures, thereby increasing productivity and improving the population's quality of life.

That's why DuPont is committed to the recognition of engineers, and has laid the foundations for its processing specialists to be creative, determined individuals dedicated to driving the latest advances in science, with the aim of solving the world's most complex and demanding problems.

Fuente : Mexican industry