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Enel boosts Ontario battery storage operations, sees more growth
Enel boosts Ontario battery storage operations, sees more growth

Enel North America, the subsidiary of Italian energy giant Enel Group, nearly doubled its Ontario energy storage capacity in 2022, and plans to add more as part of a multi-billion-dollar North American expansion.
The company aims to develop approximately five gigawatts (GW) of new utility-scale renewable and battery energy storage capacity through 2025.

According to Matt Barnes, director of business development at Enel, Ontario is entering an unprecedented era of energy growth. Ontario’s power generation demands are expected to grow about two per cent annually after a relatively flat decade. Though two per cent growth may not sound impressive, he said it will push beyond the current capabilities of the power generation fleet as it compounds year-over-year.

One trend he’s noticed is more customers asking for a combination of sustainability, resiliency and economics to create a steady power supply in remote areas.

“We have plans to continue growing substantially in 2023 and beyond,” Barnes said. “But it may not all be batteries. It may also be partnering with customers to do solar plus storage together, and maybe also adding some electric vehicle chargers.”

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Source: SustainableBiz. February 2022