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PackExpo 2018 October 14th Event ITA / UCIMA Roundtable: Big Success with Big Opportunities!
One of the highlights of Pack Expo International 2018 was a roundtable discussion organised by Ucima and the Italian Trade Agency (Chicago Offfice) entitled “E-commerce in Packaging: new challenges for the US and Italian packaging industries”. 

During the event, which was held at Eataly on 14 October, Italian and US packaging professionals discussed the impact of e-commerce in every stage of the consumer supply chain, from production to product shipment. The explosion in online purchases in recent years has created new challenges for packaging industry companies, who must now redesign packaging in accordance with the new needs of sustainability, innovation, low environmental impact, minimal wastage of resources and an increasing degree of customization.

Panelists were the following:
  • Marco Saladini, Trade Commissioner, Italian Trade Agency - Chicago
  • Enrico Aureli, President, UCIMA
  • Jorge Izquierdo, Vice President, Market and Development, PMMI
  • Micahel Okoroafor, Vice President, Global Sustainability & Packaging Innovation, McCormick & Co.
  • Rodney Grounds, Vice President Sales, Robopac USA 
The roundtable discussion was followed by a networking dinner between Italian companies, their North American customers and the trade press.

UCIMA's presentation at the event, entitled "Main Results from the 6th Annual National Statistical Survey on the Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Industry", can be downloaded by clicking here