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SMW Autoblock Continues To Grow In North America And Worldwide
SMW‑AUTOBLOK is a global market leader in the manufacturing of workholding systems for turning, grinding and milling machine tools. The company designs, develops, manufactures and supports a variety of technology and solutions for different industries and applications  worldwide. Founded in Turin, Italy’s notorious automotive cluster, almost 80 years ago (1942), SMW‑AUTOBLOK moved, during the course of a couple of decades, from a workshop to fully-industrialized production. The company steadily became the leading maker of chucks in Italy. In the 1960s Autoblok started exporting its products abroad and it inaugurated the first foreign branches in France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Brazil and Japan.

In the early 70s, Autoblok opened its subsidiary in the USA. With the advent of new numerical control technologies, Autoblok developed more sophisticated and specialized products, reaching the North American continent at a time when very few Italian companies managed that feat.

Throughout the 90s, SMW‑AUTOBLOK entered the oil and gas industry by engineering specific technologies for the oil extraction and field operations.    In the meanwhile it finalized the acquisition of OML and  MARIO PINTO thus consolidating its leadership position in the Italian market. Mario Pinto is a maker of manual chucks, live-tooling equipment and toolholders. OML specializes in static products, vises, and blocks. In the early 2000, while continuing its international growth and strategic acquisitions SMW also strengthened the Italian operations by investing in new facilities and equipment.  The size of its workforce also grew significantly both in Italy and abroad.  

In 2017, in Stuttgart, SMW‑AUTOBLOK reached an important milestone by being awarded the prestigious "100 Sites of Industry 4.0" recognition from the  Baden-Wuerttemberg state government for being one of the  most technologically advanced companies in the German Bundes.

Today, SMW‑AUTOBLOK counts two modern sites in Italy in Caprie, near Torino, where the global HQ is locate and Petacciato (CB) as well as subsidiaries in   China, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Great Britain, Japan, India, Mexico, Korea Poland, Russia Slovakia, Spain, Sweden,   Taiwan, Turkey, USA (TX, IL).

Recently the company has been growing its business in Canada by winning important customers in the automotive and other key industries.   With the support of Machines Italia and the Italian Trade Commission network SMW‑AUTOBLOK has been gathering intelligence and meeting with key stakeholders to explore a possible expansion in the country.  The company’s philosophy and the nature of its advanced solutions require close proximity and strong partnerships with end users.  

Source: SMW Autoblok