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And it is with great pleasure that I present the first issue of the electronic e-newsletter dedicated to the industry of capital goods, produced by the ICE Agency in cooperation with Federmacchine, as part of the of the "Machines Italia" Project (to download the Project brochure: click here) This newsletter aims to make Italian companies better acquainted with the initiatives of the machines…
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May | stone | industry | italian | trip | marble | processing | Technology | B2B | international
Volume: #6 Summer 2019
From May 5 to 10, 2019 a group of 50 stone industry professionals from various countries were invited to Italy for MARMO+MAC 2019, a familiarization road  trip focused on stone/marble processing technology.  MARMO+MAC 2019 included visits to quarries and processing plants across Italy, as well as b2b meeting sessions with leading technology providers. The purpose of this trip was to…
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first | export | Mexico | Production | Data | AMIA | mexican | industry | Automotive | Nissan
Volume: #5 Summer 2018
In the first half of 2018, the export of automobiles assembled in Mexico grew by 10.5% compared to the same period last year, for a total increase in vehicle production equal to 6.4%. The data, published by AMIA (Asociacion Mexicana De La Industria Automotriz), does not take into account the activities of Japanese maker Nissan. The reason for the growth, explains AMIA's President Eduardo Solis,…
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national | industry | foundry | Technology | mexican | Amafond | italian | association | industry | Event
Volume: #4: Fall 2017
The Simposium Nacional de la Industria Fundidora or Foundry Technology Symposium, organized by Sociedad Mexicana de Fundidores-SMFAC in partnership with AMAFOND, the Italian Foundry Suppliers’ Association, is the single largest industry event in Mexico.  The 16th edition of the Symposium took place in Querétaro, QE, last October 4 to 6. Machines Italia Mexico took part in the event with a…