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AMUT Conquers Leadership In PET Recycling Technology
2016 saw the construction and start-up of the AMUT 6,000 Kg/Hr out-put PET recycling plant for UNIFI in Reedsville, North Carolina. This year, AMUT is constructing the new mega PET Recycling Plant for CARBONLITE in Dallas, Texas.  The high quality standards required by these clients is achieved with the integration of the latest proprietary technologies such as the DE-LEBALLER, which helps resolve the issue of the FULL-BODY shrink sleeve labels on PET Bottles. The installations incorporate AMUT technological solutions and machinery to deal with the new recycling challenges, such as the ever worsening MRF bales, so that the customers can obtain the highest quality of recycled PET, Polyolefin Rigids & Films, as well as other polymers.

Glass, sand and other abrasive materials ruin the washing process by reducing the production quality, increase the operating costs and maintenance issues. AMUT’s solution is to get rid of these and other contaminants that don’t belong in the recycled plastic stream before it goes to the extrusion and downstream processes.

AMUT exhibited PET recycling technologies at the Plastic Recycling Conference in New Orleans last March.
The videos of the PET lines and other equipment by AMUT are available on Youtube