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XYLEXPO 2016 Will be a Turning Point!
ACIMALL Press Office, Assago, November 19, 2015: “We really feel that the next Xylexpo will be an essential stage in the success story of our exhibition: we are doing all we can to create a big event, an excellent review of innovative technology featuring all the leading actors of this industry. And I am proud to say that all Italian companies will be there!”. This is the comment by Lorenzo Primultini – president of the exhibition – about what we can expect at the next edition of the international biennial trade fair scheduled at FieraMilano-Rho from 24 to 28 May 2016. Primultini spoke at the end of the board meeting held by Acimall − the Confindustria member association that organizes the exhibition − to discuss projects and initiatives for Xylexpo 2016.


Here are a few figures. So far, almost 300 exhibitors have registered, with a 22 percent share of international companies. If we take a closer look, besides several registrations already submitted, there is a huge number of first-time exhibitors in Milan, which suggests that the figures of 2014 will probably be exceeded next May. “We expect at least 500 exhibitors, largely above the 440 result of 2014, while the exhibition area will be much wider than the 26, 176 square meters we covered two years ago. We are even more optimistic on the visitor side: in 2014 we recorded more than 44 thousand accesses in five days, corresponding to 15,250 “unique visitors”: this year, everything seems to suggest that we will do even better”.

An exhibition is not just figures, but most of all ideas, challenges, capacity to “handle” situations, preserving the role − despite the problems of recent editions and thanks to the professional approach by Cepra − of an exhaustive showcase of "made in Italy" technology and the best solutions offered by manufacturers from all over the world. “Our optimism is supported by several factors − Primultini added −. First of all, our exhibition will represent the entire industry: all the leading actors of the industry will be in Milan, with no exception, and this is a major achievement, especially for our industry that in Milan − one of its traditional global capitals − will find all those who offer technology and innovation, make research and work to find new solutions to new problems, day after day. I am not referring only to big groups, to the fact that Barberan, Biesse, Cefla, Homag, Ima, Scm and Weinig are finally back to Milan, all together, but also to so many small and medium businesses from all over the world, which have been able to overcome these tough years with their innovative strength, their capacity to find creative solutions. They will all be in Milan, an exhibition where technology is at home, both process technology for big production volumes and “tailor-made” solutions for very specific needs”.

“There is no denying that Xylexpo is a mirror for the events of recent years. The Italian market has slowed down and our companies have exponentially increased their commitment and success on global markets”, Primultini continues.
“Now the climate is changing and also Italy finally seems to experience early, tangible signs of recovery. This is indicated by the upgrade of GDP forecasts and as well as in the quarterly survey by our Studies Office. It is also suggested by the measures and tax reductions introduced by the Italian government in recent years, and reaffirmed in these weeks, another trump on the table to approach next May with the support of renovated readiness by Italian manufacturing companies to invest in instrumental goods”. “Xylexpo has paid a high price to the difficulties of the Italian market – Primultini concluded –, a “drowsiness” that has driven many exhibitors to look for different destinations. Now that’s over: the wind has changed and if you don’t take this chance, you will miss a great opportunity, I’m sure… Large, medium and small business from all around the world will be exhibiting in Milan, together with all Italian manufacturers. I repeat: no one will be missing! I really believe it’s going to be a great event and a great business opportunity”.

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