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Solutecs: A Great Partner For Italian Food Technology In Mexico
Founded by Casabella Arturo Fernandez and located in Mexico City, Mexico,  Solutecs has been representing Italian companies and technology for the food processing, beverage and baking industry for more than 30 years. Solutecs boasts a team of 14 well-trained experienced technicians and provides turnkey sales and after-sales assistance including installation, maintenance and spare parts across the country. 

Solutecs’ reputation for high-quality, professionalism and reliability has gained it the trust of world-class clients such as BIMBO, Pepsico and Mondalez. 
Amongst Soutecs’ portfolio of brands from Italy, IMAForni, a manufacturer of industrial ovens which is part of Germany’s GEA group, and COMAS specialised in filling, capping and dosing equipment. Thanks to Solutecs outstanding work, COMAS has been granted the status of official suppliers to BIMBO’s operations in Mexico and elsewhere.

Solutecs is currently interested in expanding its portfolio of industrial machinery and plants in the food & beverage sector, with micro-dosing systems, macro-ingredient dosing, silo systems, palletizing and logistics automation, and specific packaging for food products.

According to Rosa Eugenia Acevedo Quintero, Project Manager, at Solutecs, since  2019 the food & beverage sector has been in a state of stagnation as far as the purchase and renewal of industrial plants and machinery are concerned. This is due, primarily, to political and economic uncertainties. COVID-19 has further aggravated the situation, and only recently, in 2022, there has been some improvements, with Mexican companies starting to plan investments in equipment for early 2023.

Ms. Acevedo Quintero stresses that the most recent trend in the food processing industry in Mexico is the need for automation, and particularly in material handling and logistics. This need originated from some legislative changes that mandated the improvement of working conditions in manufacturing settings. Furthermore,  Mexican manufacturers are increasingly demanding technology and solutions to reduce the  use  and/or recover the water in production processes.

When comparing Italian technology to German machines, Ms. Acevedo Quintero claims: "Italian companies offer the same qualitative levels as the German competitors in terms of  plants and machinery, but in addition, almost always, they have a better design, which certainly gives an added value, and a lower cost. In the food & beverage sector, Brazil and Germany are the main competitors of Italian machinery. Delivery times, for both machinery and parts, remain weaker spots for Italian companies and particularly the long lead times between purchase and the delivery.”.
For further information on Solutecs, contact proyectos [at]">Rosa Eugenia Acevedo Quintero